Frequently Asked Questions

I often have students who speak very little or no English and it is not a problem. Here are some of the questions I am often asked:

Q My mother speaks very little English and I am worried that she won’t understand. Will she be able to enjoy it?
A The class has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so there is no need to worry, we will take good care of her.

Q My husband/boyfriend would like to attend but he has never done any cooking or baking. Would the class be suitable for him?
A I am delighted to welcome whoever wants to join in. We have even had quite a few honeymoon couples attending the classes!

Q I have only just arrived in England and wonder if the class will be suitable for me as I speak very little English?
A Please don’t worry about your English – it will not be a problem – I speak very slowly. Although I don’t actually speak Japanese (just a few words) I am very used to working with the Japanese community and they always manage to understand me – somehow! It always works out. Also, for those who are attending English lessons, the classes are an excellent opportunity to practise English conversation, while learning about English culture in an English home. Also – my assistant is Japanese and always happy to translate!

Q Are there any follow up classes?
A Yes, I offer extra baking classes (and B and these are held on  alternate Wednesdays .

Q Please may I pay the full amount on the day, instead of sending a deposit in advance?
A Please don’t take this personally. I have made it a firm rule to always ask all my students to send a deposit of 50 per cent, in advance, so that I am covered in the case of cancellations.

Q. Please could you tell me what happens if I do need to cancel my booking?
A. If you need to cancel your booking I will be happy to transfer it to another class, by arrangement, if that is at all possible. Deposits are non-refundable and last minute cancellations of 48 hours or less are strictly non transferable to other classes.

Q I’m sorry that I have not opened a bank account yet so I would like to pay my deposit by cash instead of cheque?
A Don’t worry if you don’t have a cheque book – it is quite easy to go to any Post Office and buy a Postal Order which you can send to me in the post (as soon as possible please – in order to reserve your place).

Q I sometimes go to St. John’s Wood to meet my friend so can I pay by cash directly? Is this OK and when should I go to your home?
A Not a problem. Email me and I will make arrangements with you.

Q I am not free to take your class on Tuesday morning do you have any other lesson times?
A I have started to offer occasional Saturday morning classes in order to make it more available to people who are working or attending school on weekdays. Always check my website to see these special dates.

Q I would love to come to a class that is just for my friends/family, would that be a possibility?
A I am always happy to consider organising special classes (tea or cooking) at other times. If you would like to attend with your own group of friends/family (minimum 3 participants). All you have to do is ring me or email me and I will try to find a suitable time for you.