Dear Giuliana…

Tomoko Sasaki

I’m Tomoko Sasaki who attended your class last Tuesday.
I’m back to Japan this morning. I wish I could have stayed longer…..
I just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely seminar and lovely food, and tea of course! I was really glad that I could join it.

I’ll remember what you said like “Have it the way you enjoy it” and “You are the best judge.” This is what I’ve believed. And I am glad to hear that from you.
Again, thank you very much and I would like to come back to London, hopefully, sometime soon.
Thanks & Best regards,

Tomoko Sasaki
– 8th May 2016

Tomoko Sasaki

I am writing to you to thank you for that absolutely charming and delicious visit you had given me yesterday, on the 7th of July.
All the information was very useful and interesting and I really liked your house, which seemed to have come from my dream,so cosy and sweet it is!
Thank you again for your warm welcome and kind advice, I appreciated it so much.
Your faithfully,
Shubert Valeria

Thank you very much for your wonderful Afternoon Tea lesson today!
I really enjoyed the class and had a lovely time with you:)
Your scones are the best ones I’ve ever had! Really like it.
My husband also loves it, too.
Thank you.
I’m going back Japan this summer, so I will take your baking lesson if I have time.
I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon.
With lots of love,


8th May 2016

Hello. This is Yoonso Park from Korea.

I took your ‘Giuliana Afternoon Tea Class’ last summer in 2014.

It was really really fantastic and I can’t imagine anything else that I can enjoy in London.

Although it has been quite a long time, I wanted to leave the review of the time on my blog.

I hope it would be helpful to Korean who want to make a good memory in london.


I appreciate you and I hope I can visit London and meet you again.


Yoonso Park

18th February 2015

I’d like to thank you for the time my sister Valeria spent with you on your class. She was extremely excited,inspired and thrilled to have visited your lesson. She said it was ideal and couldn’t have been better!
Thank you for the positive emotions, edication and lovely tea and cakes (she is going to experiment and bake according to the recipes from your book!)
Warmest wishes,


6th July 2015

I hope everything is fine with you and your classes.
I still think that the Afternoon Tea Class I attended in your lovely home was one of most enjoyable things I did last year.
And now I wonder if you by any chance will held a baking class on Wednesday the 18th of March? I’m going to London then and I’m very interested to attend if it’s on the schedule.
Have a nice week!
Kind regards

Gerd Pedersen

28th January 2015