My Book


You may know that I have written a book on the subject of Afternoon Tea and I am delighted to tell you that: personalised signed copies are currently available directly from me at £12.00 per copy.

In my book I talk about the pleasures of serving Afternoon Tea at Home and aims to encourage people to reintroduce this lovely old British institution back into the home.

I’m keen to demystify the whole snobbery about etiquette and the anxiety about the difficulty of baking at home and to encourage people to adapt the tradition in ways that feel right for them.

I want to re-introduce it to people’s homes, to emphasise what a nice thing it is to do socially and to say: anybody can have a go

A full Afternoon Tea Menu with 15 tried and tested, easy to follow ‘step bested’ recipes – also fun to make with children, especially the gingerbread people!

How to choose the best teapot for your needs and a step-by-step guide to ‘brewing up’.

The book stakes you through he whole process from setting the tea tray to preparing the room for your guests.

A complete guide to the etiquette of serving Afternoon Tea: This section

This comprehensive book took several years to write, but was a real labour of love!

The book is highly illustrated and full of interesting things including:

A full Afternoon Tea menu with 15 tried and tested ‘step by step’ recipes that I know you’ll love to use time and time again (including the classics we learnt together and some brand new ones). There’s also a recipe for ‘Gingerbread People’ which is fun to make with children.

The book includes:

A step by step guide to setting the tea tray.

How to choose the best teapot for you.

Tips on choosing the tea for your guests and exactly how to brew and serve it.

A complete guide to the etiquette of serving afternoon tea.

The history of tea, including lots of fascinating facts and information about how tea came about and a special section that guides you through many different types & blends to help you choose your own favourite.

Some witty tea tasting notes straight from the Twinings Tea Company.

The history of how the tradition of afternoon tea started, including some beautiful illustrations and little known secrets.

The impact of tea on your health (don’t worry it’s good news!)

And my favourite quotations and some fascinating facts about tea – you’ll have such fun with these.

It was such a pleasure creating it and I really hope you enjoy the book!

Yours truly,

Giuliana Orme